Part 4 – Lost at sea

Header image: Lighthouse by Simon Bethke (via Flickr) – Used according to its Creative Commons 2.0 license.

October 6th 2016

It’s been so long since when the support case was opened, and that there have been no updates, that it closed itself automatically, because the system optimistically assumes that no news is good news. Wrong: no news is terrible news for a customer. I feel forgotten, and yes, a bit lost.

It’s been a month. A month since I have sent my phone for repairs. A month. And I still don’t know if it will be repaired. If it is covered by warranty (which I am sure it is, but who knows). Heck, I still don’t have an acknowledgement that the phone was received by the service center, which again, I do know, because logic tells me so. But again, I don’t have anything. It’s like I’ve shot my package into space, and nobody knows where it is.

Yes, I am partially guilty of this situation too, since I gave them the wrong IMEI, but it was caught so quickly, that I really believed it was not a problem. And not one that requires weeks to solve, for sure.

I decide to reopen the case, pointing out that it’s been a month, and that I would like to know something, anything, really, about the status of my RMA request. The International OnePlus Support gets back at me in a couple of hours, telling me that they will follow up with the repair center.

The problem is, that’s exactly what they told me on the 24th of September, 12 days before!

October 7th 2016

I decide to write to the Italian OnePlus Support, since I’m starting to think that the international one is just throwing default replies at me, and I don’t feel my case is really progressing in any direction. This time is not a pleasant email. I don’t go off at anybody, but I make clear that I’m pissed. Because I am: frustrated and pissed. They also reply quickly: finally my case gets escalated. It was about time. They also said that they would contact the repair center and find out what was going on. Between the Italian and the International Support, I now have double the chances of getting a reply. Or so I hoped.

October 14th 2016

They found it! Finally! I don’t know precisely what happened in this extra week, or maybe I should say in this month and plus of wasted time, but the important part is that they will now repair my phone.

October 20th 2016

The phone is being shipped back. The repair process wasn’t exactly blazing fast itself, but it was not slow either, especially in comparison to the month and plus that I had to wait for the repair process to even start.

October 26th 2016

UPS comes, I finally get my phone back. It took a month and a half, but now I have the happy ending that I was waiting for… Right?

Believe it or not, this horror story has just begun.


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