Part 6 – Patience

Header image: Wait !!! by mat_n (via Flickr) – Used according to its Creative Commons 2.0 license.

October 27th 2016

I write to the Italian OnePlus Support. I explain to them that their technician held my phone hostage for almost two months just to do a factory reset, which I had already done before calling them, and that the phone is still broken, exactly like when I sent it to them. So I still have the exact problem I had two months before and I need their help, and I would like to be given the kind of help that actually does something, this time.

They reply pretty quickly, and ask me for the order number, the phone IMEI, my name, address and phone number all over again, like we don’t have a case opened with all the messages we have exchanged and like I have not given them these information at least 4 times now.

Meanwhile I also spoke with the International Support, who contacted me after my Twitter rants, hoping that they would notice that I’ve been given a very poor assistance until now, and maybe wanted to do something to make up for it, but it doesn’t happen.

I don’t have many alternatives, so I send them what they asked for. I also add that I don’t want the phone back if they can’t fix it: either fix it, replace it, or throw it in the trash.

They basically ignore my rants, and tell me that UPS will come in the next 48h to pick up the phone and from that moment, in about 12 working days I will have my phone back, as good as new. That’s exactly what they said the first time I called them: I believed it the first time, but I no longer do.

I receive an email from the repair center shortly after: Arvato will be in charge of the repair, again. Hopefully this time someone else will take care of it. Hopefully it will also work.

After this, I receive another email from the Italian Support, that tells me that the RMA has started, and then they proceed to explain to me how to prepare the phone before I ship it. It’s understandable, it’s been two months, I might have forgotten.

October 28th 2016

I go buy another sheet of wrapping paper, and prepare the package. Like the last time, the UPS guy comes and picks it up around lunchtime. My coworkers start making fun of this story, and I can’t blame them.

I hope that the time I’ve already spent waiting will be factored in and my phone will be given higher priority in the repair center, so maybe I’ll have it back in less than 12 working days, but for the next ten days, I hear nothing.

November 7th 2016

No that’s not true, I hear something from OnePlus. On November 7th, their system tries to mark my case as resolved. The system is programmed to do so when a case is not updated in a long time. So far it happened twice. I reopen the ticket.

November 8th 2016

During this time I’ve been living with a backup 1st gen Moto G, but I’ve been treating it as if it wasn’t my phone. I barely installed 4 or 5 applications, because I thought I could live without my phone for 12 working days, but that happened exactly two months and two days earlier: it’s starting to be uncomfortable. Finally S from the OnePlus Italian Support writes to inform me that the repair center has finished the repair process and the phone has been sent back to me. Hooray! It’s over, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?


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