Why this site

I had to send my phone for repairs. It was still covered by the original warranty. It doesn’t sound like an interesting story, but if you add two months of waiting and two repair attempts that failed to return to me a working device, then you might understand why a pissed ~30 years old Italian decided to spend his time to build a site to tell the world how he was treated.

This site is here for three reasons.

For myself

I needed a way to let all the anger that this story generated out. I needed a way to replenish my good thought gauge, and since I’ve been writing as a sort of self-therapy since when I was 16, I decided to write this story.

For future OnePlus customers

Others might be temped by the shiny looks, the great sounding slogan an the appeal of OnePlus products. I think they should also need to know this part of the story, especially if they live in Europe, before investing some good money on a new OnePlus gadget.

For OnePlus

I like OnePlus, I like their products, I believe the devices they make are the best on the planet. Seriously. But their warranty service, at least in Europe, is unsettling, to say the least. I felt desperate, I felt mocked, I felt unheard and unimportant.

But maybe they don’t know that.

I don’t think a company that takes their devices so seriously wants to have unhappy customers that spread bad feelings about their products. Maybe nobody took the time to tell them that they need to do something, and that stories like mine happen. So I did, because stories like mine should not happen.